We defend the possibilities that lie in every charity that is working to protect the homeless, vulnerable children, and inspire health.  

Our job is to provide financial support and results.  We are a private group of optimists and catalysts in Los Angeles.  And we are passionate about change, economic recovery, and empowerment in areas of great need. 

We are visionaries who can generate major new sources of income and provide funding for charities that are making a positive difference in three major community challenges - homelessness, vulnerable children, and health.

Our approach emphasizes game-changing bold visionary thinking, collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, and most importantly, results.

Dr. Colette Nichols

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Colette Nichols is a Finance and Operations Executive in Los Angeles, California.  She achieved the C-suite before she turned 40.  In 2018, she was nominated as one of the 16 most influential businesswomen in Los Angeles County.  She has been a driving force in major economic growth and recoveries in the businesses she has worked with in her career.  She established a consulting business in early 2019 to help businesses grow their financial performance.

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Nichols has been passionate about philanthropy, value-driven mentorship, and giving back. In 2019 she founded The Empower Foundation and has committed to leading this organization as its President and Chairwoman with no compensation.  She and her group of private donors in Los Angeles, are optimists and catalysts who stand for change and providing major new s in areas of great need.

Dr. Colette Nichols from Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Colette Nichols from Los Angeles, CA