The Empower Foundation

We believe in building hope and empowering communities.

Our job is to get results.  So we work with partners and charities who share the same mindedness and are making a positive difference every day.  

We have three program missions.  End homelessness.  Support vulnerable children.  Improve health.

We identify the global challenges that can be tackled locally and then we develop strategic partnerships and promote policies that help us advance our vision.

Our approach emphasizes collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, and most importantly, results.

Dr. Colette Nichols

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Colette Nichols is a Finance and Operations Executive in Los Angeles, California. She established a consulting business in early 2019 to help businesses solve complex problems, devise strategies and improve their financial and operational health.

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Nichols has been passionate about philanthropy and participating in community events. In 2019 she decided to transform this passion into The Empower Foundation.

Dr. Colette Nichols from Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Colette Nichols from Los Angeles, CA