Announcing The Empower Foundation's Inaugural Event

Colette Nichols, The Empower Foundation, the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club, and the Los Angeles Police Department have partnered to bring economic recovery to the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club in Inner City Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club is an inner city Boys and Girls Club.  Founded in 1944 by the Los Angeles Times they serve 1,800 kids a year.  This is in one of the most impoverished inner city LA  communities where:

• the LAPD has identified over 32 active gangs around this club

• 44.3 of 1,000 teenage girls get pregnant which is the highest of all Southern California  

• Predominantly latino and 2 out of every 3 babies born to teens in California are born to Latinos.  

• 70% of teen mothers drop out of high school

• Youth violence – juvenile violence and crime triple in the hours immediately after school, until 7pm.  And only half of violent crimes are even reported to law enforcement.  

• This is the community where Juan Diaz the young, 24 year old LAPD police officer was having dinner with his girlfriend and was shot and killed by 2 gang members.  It made national news.  That was right down the street from the club.  

This is a call to action.  

At The Empower Foundation, we are optimists.  We are catalysts.  And we stand for change and empowerment in the areas of biggest need.  

The Empower Foundation chose this club for our inaugural effort because we are all about making a difference.  And we wanted to go to what we thought was one of the greatest areas of need.  And certainly it is, this club needs a game changer or they will have to close their doors.  And you care about that if you have a business or live in this community.  

There is a great triumph to be had here.  Together we can create an economic recovery for this club and we’re going to do it in two ways.  First, The Empower Foundation will put on a huge fundraising opportunity for the club, which is a big celebrity golf tournament at Riviera Country Club in October of 2020.  Second, we’re focusing on the 3 mile radius around the club and getting donations because this is the community and this is really important for the health, welfare, and safety of the kids and businesses that are there.  We can’t turn these 1800 kids out on the street if this club has to close its door.  

So this is the call to action. We need your help.  This boys and girls club is a key community resource and asset that everybody needs to get behind.  

Soon the recovery will begin.  We can change the history of the community and this club, based not on what's in fashion but what's important.  And when we look back, and ask ourselves if we made a difference, we will see a community that is more prosperous, more secure and safer, and happier than it was when we first started this mission.  We all need to know that we've done our part so that we can look at each other a year from now and agree that we didn’t just mark time, we made a difference. We made the club stronger and we left her in good hands.

Please, let's come together and make this happen.

-Colette Nichols, Founder, The Empower Foundation